Recent Issue of The Call

The recent issue of The Call includes the following articles:

  • “Jack London Society 11th Biennial Symposium, Logan, Utah” by Iris Jamahl Dunkle
  • “About Some Frenchies in Jack London’s World,” Jack London Society Keynote Speech by Noel Mauberret
  • “Jack London and King Hendricks at Utah State University” by Earle Labor
  • “Jack London State Historic Park Update” by Anne Abrams
  • “Have you read my ‘Christ’ story?”: Mary Austin’s The Man Jesus and London’s The Star Rover” by Donna M. Campbell
  • “Jack London and Ross River Disease on the Snark Voyage” by Frank Praetorius, M.D.
  • “Jack London’s Sympathetic View of Korea and Koreans” by Daniel A. Metraux