Brilliant Audiobooks releases audio version of Jack London’s novel “Adventure”

Press Release: ADVENTURE

In November 2014, Brilliant Audiobooks released an audio version of Jack London’s novel “Adventure.”

Jack London’s grand and disturbing novel of the Solomon Islands, “Adventure”, comes to life in this audiobook. This is a “must have” for fans of Jack London.

Many of you are already familiar with the story. David Sheldon is a smart, resourceful plantation owner in turn-of-the-century Solomon Islands. Despite his mastery and competence, his fortunes are going badly. Disease, financial difficulties, and uproar among his two hundred indentured laborers threaten to end his endeavors in failure or even death. Just when the situation seems worst, Joan Lackland comes blowing into his world. She is as wild and free as the stormy sea that brought her to Berande Plantation, and she becomes Sheldon’s rescuer and partner, enlightening, and sometimes enraging him. They struggle with cannibals, storms, and more, while Joan time and again demonstrates wit and wisdom in the face of all obstacles, including the men who refuse to accept her as part of their “man’s world.”

Though “Adventure” contains some of Jack London’s most bitterly racist writing, it is still a cracking good tale full of action and romance. The cast of characters are brought to life in good London style in this narration by Jonathan Hall.

Brilliant Audiobooks is proud to present this audio version of “Adventure”. It is available on, at This Address or by copying the following into your browser: