New Film Adaptation of “To Build a Fire”



Jack London’s To Build a Fire was shot in five days in the Austrian Alps in the winter of 2014. The film is not only a tribute to Jack London’s famous short story about the relentlessness of nature, but also to the German co-produced film adaptations of works by Jack London from the seventies (e.g. Der Seewolf, The Call of the Wild, The Cry of the Black Wolves…). It is a sincere attempt to transfer the story to an audiovisual medium, and does so by utilizing cinematic techniques as opposed to literary ones. For example, Jack London’s To Build a Fire is the first ambitious film adaptation of the short story which does not employ the voice of a narrator. The plot line has also been slightly altered to adapt the story to the screen and to create an original and self-contained piece of film art. Nevertheless, we dare say that this film version holds true to the spirit of Jack London’s original story, more than any other adaptation to date. It was shot on a five-figure budget, one half of which were generous funds by the Austrian county Tirol, the city of Innsbruck, and the city of Wörgl.

Directed & written by: Robert Spindler; camera: Kyle Heslop; music: Michael Ehninger; edited by: Bert Walser; sound: Peter Rösner; set design: Lea Spindler; makeup: Patricia Weichmann; cast: Raimund Spindler (Man), Sepp Kahn, Kai Rossmann, and Steve Colvin (The Boys); (2K; 1:1.85; color; 20min; English with German subtitles).
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