Lost for 106 years, George Sterling’s Stone-Age Babes in the Wood published today


Lost for 106 years, poet and playwright George Sterling’s adventures of two cave kids, Babes in the Wood: The Lost Stone-Age Sequel to Jack London’s Before Adam, has been restored and will be published as a book for the first time today.

Sterling tells of two children, a boy and a girl, growing from age 10 to young adulthood in a prehistoric tribe. The young troublemakers face saber-tooth cats, woolly mammoths, and other Stone-Age dangers, including their tribe’s hot-tempered chief, the boy’s father.

Sterling wrote Babes in the Wood in response to his best friend Jack London’s controversial prehistoric novel Before Adam. Literary detective Vince Emery tells the surprising stories behind the creation of Before Adam and Babes in the Wood in an introduction, “Jack London, George Sterling, and Their Cave Man Chronicles.”

Published in a limited edition by Vince Emery Productions, Babes in the Wood is available today only on eBay and in selected bookstores.

Who was George Sterling?

George Sterling (1869-1926) was one of the most highly-acclaimed American poets of the first quarter of the twentieth century. His often-dazzling poems were printed in almost every American literary magazine and in scores of major newspapers. His work was admired by writers as diverse as Jack London (who called Sterling “the greatest living poet in the United States”), Upton Sinclair (“so fiercely passionate and at the same time so coldly masterful”), Ambrose Bierce (“a very great poet—incomparably the greatest that we have on this side of the Atlantic”), Theodore Dreiser (“the ranking American poet, greater than any we have thus far produced”), and Nobel Prize winner Sinclair Lewis (“so gracious and lofty a poet”). Sterling also wrote short stories. Babes in the Wood is his only longer work of fiction.

Babes in the Wood: The Lost Stone-Age Sequel to Jack London’s Before Adam by George Sterling. Trade paperback pub. date: July 20, 2020. $19.95 U.S.; ISBN 978-0-9855053-3-2.

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