Kilauea is Erupting, by Susan Nuernberg

Susan Nuernberg

Kilauea is erupting right now. Jack and Charmian visited Kilauea. I am transcribing Charmian’s diaries for 1904-1916, to be published by University of Nebraska Press. Here is the entry from Charmian’s Diary for Sep 8, 1907 when she and Jack visited Kilauea:

Sep 8, 1907 

Shipman’s, at Kilauea.  

Forenoon in a splendid drive to Volcano House, where we saw big crater of Kilauea, & smoke rising from pit, & drove to another high point of vantage. To the “Mahogany” mill, where we saw the fine Koa logs, & planned for a table for home. Mr. Cant, who reminded of Harry Culmer. Tree ferns. Took pictures. Afternoon “we two” rode h. b. to Volcano H. where guide & Bruce Cartwright Jr. accompanied us into crater of Kilauea. Hotel kept by Greek Demosthenes Lycurgus. – Crater – shapes of torture. A field of red gold. The pit, – saw floor & smoke coming out of hole. Echoes. Different hot holes along our way. – 2 1/2 m. across. 7 around. Pali 400 ft. = Some more music & early to bed.